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Drunken Darren?


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"the cat is fuckin cute" if thats not the iceing on the cake I dont know what is. Very funny lol.

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Well that confirms one thing !

I won't be drinking anything mentioned / plugged on the show it really screws with your mind !

haha Have you seen Darren on the webbie cam with his green monster slipper feet. very cool

I think you mean his yoshi slippers.

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Dev.5 was an attempt to put the point back into hak5 -- we were going to be the brainchild behind hak5, but as with everything hak5 touches, it faded.

Oh my bad dude, I just thought it was someone trying to rip the logo *or at least the 5..*

I have seen Darren really pissed (not a good sight) and I have seen him drunk to mumbling and drooling (he almost knocked one of the cameras off the wall!~)

Haven't seen him cry yet... but umm... yah, I would turn the other way if he did.

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