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E3 2009 - Let's talk


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Figured I would start a new thread just chatting about E3

So I'll open it.

Just watched the Nintendo conference live, and I would have to say that with the new Metroid and The Conduit, it looks like the dust might finally get blown off my Wii for doing something besides messing with homebrew apps.

I do not think that making a second Mario Galaxy is a really good move on the Mario franchise personally, but that's because I really just did not feel the real Mario excitement with Galaxy that I always have with previous Mario titles. I had to basically make myself finish it because it seemed like it took too long to finish, and it had too many things to do. Usually with Mario titles you have one goal, and just have to complete levels to get to that one goal, where with Galaxy you had multiple goals that to me became rather boring to have to or try to pursue and it made the ending a relief to finally put the game down instead of being happy and excited that I finally finished it.

Like a lot of people, I am really just hoping for another Zelda on the Wii, but it looks like it's not happening this or next year. Maybe the year afterward.

On a positive note, The Conduit looks awesome. This is something I am really happy about because it is finally a really good looking game that looks fun to play without being dumbed down for the masses.

Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles I believe will be pretty awesome mainly because I felt RE2 was the best RE to date, and may always be that way, and to go back and play it in a fresh way is welcoming because it has been since the PSOne since I played it last.

The DS looks pretty hot too with it's lineup of the new Zelda and DsiWare coming out. The only downside to me is... I still have a DS 1, and it works great so I am not going to buy another one till I absolutely have to, to enjoy new games.

Coming Up Next - Sony's Conference. Slim PS3 anyone? I say sure, if it's less than $300 and comes with at least a 60gig hdd.


There will be much double posting from me here as the event goes on. But I will try my best just to update this post.


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Sony Conference -

Jack Tretton - SCEA CEO is a person to me that seems to give me mixed feelings.. Coming out and acting like noob, which is understandable especially in the state of Sony, and how it has performed in the past, but at the same time, it's kind of unearthing. At the same time, it's a refresher for me from the oddball bs that kaz kept belting out.

Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves Wow... I really mean wow. The graphics are astounding and the narrative gives the feeling of being more immersed in the game. Also I like the cinematic style and the lack of a full HUD that doesnt get in the way of the game play. I also want to say I am typing this as I am watching it, so my bad if there are some errors. Wow.... when it's showing the building falling with you in it.. That is just awesome...

MAG - Graphics look good, but a little sub-par for PS3, however, with this massive multiplayer combat, it still looks enticing. Reason why I say the graphics are sub-par is this. There seems to be a strategy of two different graphics styles. Realistic and then what seems to be some graphics that were put on the back-burner. I definitely feel this game might have been rushed. But if they redesigned the game a little bit they could use the lower graphics models in strategic places so it's transparent as games for the Wii do. This seems very much a team player game though, and is quite awesome but I feel this does two things. It takes the pwning out of just one person and also gives the team effort strategy some glammer. I an only say there is one downside though... Clans.

PSP - Hanna Montana bundle? Personally I don't feel like buying my 5 year old (though I really dont have kids) a $200 game system, but that's just me.

PSPGo - Looks nice and sleek. To me it resembles a smart phone mixed with a highend car stereo, but looks pretty cool. The size is very enticing as well. 16gig's of memory? Not bad.. not bad.. Not going to take the 120gig I-pods out of people's hands though. I like the thought of no more UMDs though. I felt it was just another bad media war that Sony was trying to pull out... Funny thing though that they were not fighting anyone on it. Sense me sounds interesting but how gimmicky is it? Playing music on mood? What if you it thinks your getting horny while playing multiplayer around a few friends??? Marvin Gay starts playing and what do your friends think? Dunno if this really is something that enhances the PSPGo.. $249??!!!!! Nope I wont be carrying it anytime soon...

"Playstation has something for everyone everywhere they want to go"... yah, at a high price which is the real reason why the PS3 has not gained as much ground as it should have by now..

The CEO of Polyphony seems pretty tense.. I feel for him though.. How would you feel standing in front of a crowd that cannot understand a single word your saying, and have to rely on an interpreter to convey your speech... He looks like he is about to cry. Hope his day get's better... I'm glad the crowd seemed to give him a good applause.

Gran Turismo PSP sounds pretty good though I feel PSP sales will be the bottleneck on that game..

Man I still don't like seeing Kaz saying anything... Hmm... But a new MGS? nice...

Hideo Kojima. Man he needs to quit being a raver :P Least that's what he looks like.. Oh, MGS Peacewalker for PSP eh?.... eh...

Wow I would have to say the graphics and story of this new MGS does make me want to play it. Wish it was ported for PS2 though...

Resident Evil for PSP. Hope it's better than Silent Hill origins...

Home - I was always excited about this.. Hell I did'nt even know it was out already. I thought they were still pushing the dates back.. This was one of the reasons why I still want a PS3.

Assassins Creed 2 - Wow, using historical inventions from leonardo divinci. Nicee. I like the open feel of the game, and even though zoomed out the graphics do not look quite as good as I would expect close up they are very acceptable. And the kill system looks pretty dark cool too! Looking at the battle sequence shown though, when facing multiple foes I would like to see all three enemies trying to get at the main character at the same time. All in all though, a very cool looking game.

FFXIII - This game has always been known for excellent CGI sequences, but this time the battle sequences look just as enticing, and the traveling in the world is just beautiful... This is the first FF I am excited to play since the first one on NES.

FFXIV - Damn... That's all I can say... Wow..

Motion Controller - Crazy thing about it is this... even though it's used in conjuction with the PS Eye, it looks WAY more accurate in true 3D space than the Wii-mote.. Holy crap..... This is amazing. With seeng yourself WITH whatever device you should be using in your game but rendered in your OWN hands onscreen, this is excellent.

I am really thinking with this really unfinished demo, that Reggie is sweating right about now. Wow this is accurate... Nintendo is definitely whigging out right about now. HAH! Archery. The beauty of this and the execution of it is crazy considering the technology that they must be using, and surely the price of this wont be that much..

Little Big Planet - Cute. Glad that they are doing extra things with it.

ModNation Racers - Very cute. I dont think the graphics are as great as they are making it out to be but it's pretty cool and fun looking. I am a personal fan of non realistic racing games, and this looks like a hit, and to have a game on a home console that makes it easy to create tracks, this is definitely a genious idea. Not ground breaking, at least for me because I have been playing trackmania for years, but even still it doesnt look like work to actually make the tracks and you dont seem to be limited by peices per play or something of that nature which is great for people who love to just make content like me which was something that was rewarding but not that fun for me in trackmania.

Well I have to run, so this is it from me for coverage of E3 at least for now. Someone else take it over from here and feel free to speculate the way I feel about these games and systems.

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Didn't check out the Nintendo one or much of the Sony one.

I saw the new motion controller which I thought was pretty cool but I think the Natal (spell check?) announcement in Microsofts put it down a bit. I think this year Microsoft really did well and are bringing more to their console this time around than anyone else.

Al though not really something of use to the gamers I thought that the Milo demo was really something else (providing it does work to the standard Peter Molyneux suggested), I'm not sure how developers would actually work an AI such as that into a game but it would be very cool to see it happen.

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