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the revision3 web design sucks now


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I'll admit the old website was best, but I do like the way it looks... May not be able to find anything but that's just me.. At the same time I can't help but to think maybe their web authors aren't thinking about other people's bandwidth too much. I mean loads decently for me but what about everybody who has 1.5 down?

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The load time is fine for me... but damn it's ugly. It looks okay until you see those hideous light gray highlights and near-neon green on that very dark background.

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heh, only reason why it's not so bad for me is because I just use the show tabs @ the top, but then I noticed it's still a pain in the ass if your watching an ep, and then want to watch another. The arrows on ea. side of the player do help if your wanting the immediate previous or next ep. but if not you have to click back on your browser and find again.

I think it's lame too...

*Wonders if Jim has seen this yet... He knows better.*

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