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HP laptops, specifically 2510p nc6320


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On Dell's when you have the mobo changed the Dell engineer or yourself can change the serial number on the board that appears in the bios with their bit of software. This then means if you call up for a warranty replacement again, your service tag/serial number in the bios matches. Sometimes it doesn't make as you have the sticker on the base unit but this can sometimes be lost.

My question is, is their such software for the HP laptops? Specifically 2510p and NC6320?

For anyone interested, for Dell's it's done via the following:


Download that. Needs a floppy to get the files. I made a virtual empty floppy in VMWare and got the files that way.

Then boot with a bootable disc.

Utility : Dell Asset Utility

Version 2.09

For DC051, DXP051, DXC051, DM051, DE051, DXP061, DXC061, DM061, DV051; Dimension : 8300 / 8300N, 2400, 4700, XPS Gen 3, 8400, 4700C, 5000, 3000, 9100, XPS (Gen 5), XPS Gen 4, 5100C, 5100; OptiPlex : SX280, GX630, GX530, GX620, GX520, 210L, 170L, GX280, 160L, SX270 / SX270N, GX60, GX270 / GX270N; Precision : 360 / 360N, 670, 470, 370, 380, WS390, 690, 490

On Not Applicable

Languages : English

With ASSET209 service tag is a hidden switch

you use an s like you would use the d

so asset /s /d would delete the tag

asset /s JAB1546 would change the service tag to JAB1546 etc.


ASSET new_asset_tag Specify new asset tag

ASSET /d Delete asset tag

ASSET /o new_owner_tag Specify new owner tag (if applicable)

ASSET /o /d Delete owner tag (if applicable)

ASSET /? This help screen

ASSET /s /d Delete service tag (if applicable)

ASSET /s xxxxxxxx Specify new service tag

Bits in bold are the areas of interest. Deleting the tag and adding a new one.

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