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Hak5Darren's Poll


Leave The Certified Noob  

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[18:11] Hak5Darren: make a poll

[18:11] lixxorlite: of?

[18:11] Hak5Darren: if the community wants it gone, it goes

[18:11] lixxorlite: you make it

[18:11] lixxorlite: I dont' wanna sound like spektromax

[18:11] Hak5Darren: "Should darren remove the microshaft thing under my name"

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Duelus, this was very confusing, but thanks to TomB, we at least have some clarity. I vote to keep the title, since you are obviously a noob. :wink:

Also I would suggest giving a little bit more description for the poll than just quoting from IRC, because I had no clue what was being referenced until I really thought about it.

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The forums just wouldnt be the same without a Microshaft Certified Noob though. I mean, if it's really hurting your feelings I guess it can be removed, but we'll need a successor.

Da Da Da! me?

Oops, forgot you had already been crowned. Wow, and you've only been here a few days too. You must have worked really hard for it. But ya know what, you've earned it and lowered the bar for all noobs to come!

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Hark, the n00b is here!

No longer is our Duelus king,

For him I cry a tear!

Long he reigned but now dethroned,

Duelus soft and blue,

Now the spam-like named one,

Is here to bother you,

Melodic, spektor, all unite,

Duelus must be saved,

We must protect our special n00b,

May he stand up misbehaved!

Damn, where did all this terrible poetry come from?!

Edited for content.

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