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Portable, Ruggedised Quad Core


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My latest project a portable, ruggedised quad core machine.

Full spec to follow.


the full set of images available here


replaced the power switch with a Key lock Switch

Will be replacing the 19" with a 24" when i get paid again :-)

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that's pretty sick man.. For a minute I thought.. Is that a toughbook in a case? j/k. I would personally find a way to setup the hdd in a spring buffer though so it dont get the hit so hard when you drop it or anything.

So ok, for speculation.. What do you call it? A Case top? Suit-top? Suitcase Top? or the IPSPC (Indestructable Portable Seek and Pwn Computer)

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Awesome job man. How did you connect the screen? Did it come with a ribbon cable or vga?

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The monitor is connected via VGA. been looking at some ideas to make it more 'shock proof'. was thinking of building a full cage to house all the components then fit rubber chocks around the edge then drop the cage in to box for some decent shock absorbing. only problem is im not sure how to connect the cage to the blocks and then the blocks to the case so that it all sits secure and not just jammed in. I got two weeks before I can afford the new monitor so ill think about it and ill upload some new pics when version 2 is released. :)

and never though about a bat mod. the current draw on this must be too big for anything other than a case full of UPS' if anyone has ideas please let me know.

and if there is anything else you can think to add/improve which I forgot about

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