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Where did your handle come from?


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James07 > bob > Duckthehobo >Kirby2202 > Duckthehobo >Bob, duckthehobo,zaries

my name + 07 cause i was a huge james bond fan when i started on my interweb nubness

in 3rd grade i was in a class with anotehr james so i changed my name (and nick) to bob

in 5th grade while singign up for AIM i wished i had a duck and had always been fascinated with hobos

later that year i forgot my password so i made a new one

remberd my pass a month later

decided to go with what friends teachers and even some relatives call me (my RL nick was always bob since 3rd grade)Also upon joingin a clan for Jedi Academy my name didnt fit in the tags, thus <--

i still use duckthehobo (or a variant) cause theres never been a place where i couldnt register it

Zaries, i made this one up at about 3:30 AM on my 40th hour of awakeness, trying to make a Neverwinternights character, i use this on any forums that bob is registerd and duckthehobo is too long (also my XBL gamertag back when it wasnt filled with whiney 12 year olds)

name ive been called by stragers

Lucius (loo-key-oos) my name for my latin class, because my teacher is crazy

You, let me copy (usually by my friends) i usually end up doign my homework and whatnot-.-

otis, in english, long story but it was a good time

*sisters name*'s brother -.- damn older sister and her band friends

the guy that will save us all with the shotgun in his pants - july 4th, smkey neighborhood, 4 girls (only guy there w00t w00t) and it really looked like somthing out of a zombie movie

a pimp i have a rather large and odd looking fuzzy pimp hat, that i wore while sitting on the couch wit all my friends GF's huddled close to me, not for a pic, just cause im a pimp

code cherrysoup- Xbox live match some people game us "codes" i was, of course, cherry soup my friend apple creme and our otehr friend, tasty pastry... I WANT TO MEET THE GUYS THAT DID THIS I LOVE THEM

retard - back before the first halo2 satt reset, mmy friend and i got together and decided to not shoot a bullet or throw a grenade, also when we saw an enemy we will crouch down and promptly yell STEALTH MODE while waiting for our enemys to kill us peoepl yelled at us, but, there were neumeours times we were top of the list on our team, pretyt much we hard ninjas

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I've used T8y8 since my first net connection at AOL 3 or 4.0.

Name - Tyler

Birthyear - 1988

After getting impatient trying to come up with some screen name that has my name in it, even at 3.0, a million Tyler's already took everything, I threw T8y8 together, and alas, T8y8 was born.

Every English Google result for T8y8, is me. :)

It's pronounced Tee-Eight-Why-Eight. Not Tate-Yate :(

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Well I've had the handle AngelicTorment since I was 15 and it has just stuck since. I was given other handles by people from chat rooms. Tormie, Meepers, AT, and one from when I was in Basic training at Ft. Benning,Ga... Mouse so I added tormented to it and came up with tormented_mouse

I generally use AngelicTorment for everything though. Its an oxymoron if ya think about the meanings of the two words.

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I got mine when trying to think of a name for Delta force: Task Force Dagger. While sitting there waiting to play it, I noticed it was made my NovaLogic... took out the "va" and NoLogic stuck.

Strange it has nothing to do with the lack of logic... well maybe a little :lol:

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Well, ahem...Wallis is my first name. The first time i got a screenname for aol when i was 8 or 9 my parents just put wallismdw, mdw the rest of my initials. So that wallismdw is my gmail, just because its easy for me and others to remember. I briefly had whereswaldo812, because i would daydream in class in 7th grade and they would be "earth to wallis" she must be in Wallyworld, wheres waldo?" not so nice if you ask me, wally and waldo are both nicknames i don't really like. but anyway... wallis, wallismdw, whereswaldo812, and i was i have one account (aim, actually) that is justalittletoome, which really doesn't make a whole lot of sense but i'm horrible at making up something creative, and i was listening to a song by bright eyes, saturday as usual, and it goes ...because the worlds become a little too mean... and someone had accused me of being mean, but i'm just a little too mean... but then it ended up justalittletoome because it could only be 16 characters.

lol, anyway, Wallis is probably the best i got. plus there are not many people named wallis, i've certainly never met anyone with my name... tell me if ya'll have though, i'd like to know

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Well, my name I hadn't seen anyone use before when I created it about 7 years ago. I was at a lan party, playing cs, and a friend commented on how I'd 'eaten my leetabix today.' He realised he'd said leetabix instead of weetabix, laughed a while, and that was it I guess-used that name from that point forward. I've seen the same pop up a bit since about 2-3 years ago, I guess a lot of people saw my counter-strike name and decided to use it as their own. I'm not claiming I was the first to use it, but certainly one of the first as I hadn't heard of it before I started using it.

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Mine came from looking at all those Compact Disc logos on all my cds and such.

I then started some art work (http://www.twistedpairrecords.com/images/digip.jpg)

to mimic the logo for things I was working on at the time, and decided that it made perfect sense since I created the digital pirate logo, it was a part of me. No, I do not walk around screaming "Arghh..." like a pirate, but maybe an eye patch and a parot on the shoulder would look pretty cool. (J/K)

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Well, my original screen name, not on here but on EVERYTHING else would be Nemutai Inu which is Japanese for Sleepy Dog. The sleepy part came from my habit of falling asleep at the keyboard because my computer was (and still is) beside my bed and I would sit the keyboard on my bed and type and fall asleep while chatting. The dog part of course came from one of my favorite animals.

Paralys is only used on here and as a nickname sometimes on Xfire though my actual screen name (the one you use to add me with) is NemutaiInu. Paralys didn't really have any origin... I'm not sure why I started using it on here. Just a made up name is all (wow, isn't that story boring lol) I may have registered Nemutai on this site and forgotten the password or something. I really don't know why I didnt use it on this.

Anyway, my boring and unoriginal story, and no, I'm not from Japan, nor do I live there, just like the culture.... and anime.

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Get ready to be dazzled by the mass amounts of nicknames i have gone thru in the days of my internet usage. My first nick was DangerPowers68 which I later found to be pretty lame, and shortlived. Next came JohnnyDanger which lasted for a good year or two, but was mainly just a chat nickname back in like 97-98.

Then I got into fps gaming and had to come up with a badass nick so my buddy and I were brainstorming one day and came up with DarkSenay, and that one has stuck ever since.

Ive got some other special nicknames that I use to be anonymous, so I rarely tell people about those. Ive also used the nicknames daheen, dr_evil_I_presume, and the best halo nickname ever, Mackalicius which is perfectly under the character limit.

DarkSenay is a unique one, thus the reason why it has stuck with me all this time. And will probably stay.

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First I was sillyperson5033. I thought they were just random numbers, but it turns out they were the last 4 digits of a girl's phone number. For a while I was known as MPenguin or Master Penguin. Then for a few years I was known as TsujiGiriPenguin which is a mashing of Japanese: Tsuji Giri meaning serial killer. But most places I chatted on, everyone misread it as TsujiGirlPenguin, and I'm not the kind that likes getting hit on by guys.

The penguins actually did not come from Linux. They came from the penguins at either ends of the show Beakman's World, which I loved as a kid. But after I got into Linux I stopped saying it wasn't from Linux because saying the same story gets old.

Then back in high school I had a computer teacher who would call my Erroneous, which sounds kind of like a greek version of my name (Aaron). That and my favorite error message in the Borland C++ 3.0 compiler being "Error: Erroneous Code". So I started using that.

Beakman's World was awesome. I still watch it in reruns on Saturdays.

I have a few secret IRC only names i have parodied from IPTV and as anyone who really knows me in IRC knows i like to RP as these people.


DarrenTobler (Went bye bye after the no impersonating hosts rule :D)


Shinmar (Indian tech support guy...It's an IRC thing)

and the of course the world famous DrTikiRyuu :).

I consider myself the Weird Al of IRC.

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originaly was blaze, blazed or ezalb on irc back in 94 then a friend of mine had prank phone calls ex gf and he got his # changed he only told a select few the # and we came up with a word unasoto to remember it that was in early 95 I got a yahoo email addy unasoto@yahoo.com its still good 12 years later allthough I only use it as a spam catcher and moved on to unasoto1@yahoo.com and when that ones trashed i'll make unasoto2@yahoo.com

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Chalito came from all my white friends making fun of me. I'm Puerto Rican but all my friends call me Mexican, which doesn't really bother me but I herd one of them call me a Chalito and I thought it sounded cool so i kept the name.

My previous name was crazyjoka, but i thought chalito sounded better.

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