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Ok well I have been getting into a tiny bit of webdev and I had a ? about javascript so I pastebin my code and ask on ##javascript irc.freenode.net and well they help me out and then tell me about how evil <b> etc is and then how evil W3Schools is etc. I then ask what both #html and #css think of W3Schools and of archaic tags that WORK like <b>. The only real response I got was someone who said that they have good tuts and tons of info but some outdate and ie cetric the other just wanted to crucify me and that site. So what are your thought on w3schools?


Well They have info and I like them, there stuff works why should I care about how I did it. It works after all.

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w3schools even though yes, there is a whole TON of depricated codes on the site, at least it will tell you it is, and you cant beat the error finder they have. Saved my butt a few times.

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their javascript reference is not that bad if you need to reference the DOM api, but you should be using a JS library to do your work anyways (jquery and dojo are my top recommendations).

If you want to really understand javascript, this is one of the best reference sites I have found:


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When I decided my website needed a face lift I did all kinds of searching on the net for html and css tags and what they do. I stumbled on w3schools and now they are the first place I go when I need to find a tag and its properties.

But then again I'm not a web developer. It's more of a hobby so I just dabble.

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W3 schools is good for the basics, but its not going to make you an ajax programmer or php expert. I recommend it to anyone getting started and wants to see some results right away on how to do something. Its a good reference if nothing else, but none of us who make websites on a regular basis use it like its the bible on web building and scripting. Still, its good to use when getting started and I doubt you will find another site that has so many beginner tips all in one place, from xhtml, css, xml, javascript, php, etc., it gets you started. Google for the rest, and experiment when bored. This stuff changes on a daily basis, someone comes out with a new widget or script tool, code and examples, so its a never ending self educating process. Just like computers in general, you can't learn enough, it never stops evolving.

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