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TF2 Update Make Acheivs Worthless


New TF2 Unlock System  

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With the Sniper/Spy update came a big change to the way players unlock weapons in TF2, now weapons are randomly dropped every time you get a point, regardless of what class you are playing. Instead of being unlock after getting a certain number of achievements.

Love the rest of the update though, can't stop playing it :)

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hmmm haven't decided if i like it yet but update is fun to play defo.

will and actually vote in ur polliy

From the random thing I have gotten KGB boxing gloves, cloak and dagger watch and bowman

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I am 100% for the new system of unlocking guns. The main problem with the old system of getting guns through achievements was that in order to get the last few they required you to do ridiculous things that often detracted from the overall experience of the players around you. An example is the heavies achievement, kill some one using a taunt while ubered. One of my primary classes is medic and you cant believe how frustrating it is when you finally get uber in the heat of battle, deploy it had have the other player stop shooting and try to "point" some one to death. Generally I stop healing them for the rest of the game or just start assisting the other team in the players demise.

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I think this has made achievements what they are meant to be. You are achieving something, which has no really effect on anything else, apart from making you feel good, or bragging that you have them all.

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