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Videos of Games you used to play *before* you were a teenager


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Hello all! Hak5 newbie here.

Most of my pre-teen gaming was the usual stuff: Mario, Legend of Zelda (didn't beat it until I was 15 or 16 because I never could figure out where the damn Silver Arrows were hidden, though it seems so obvious now, and this was the days before gamefaqs.com), etc. But everyone played those, so I'll bust out a rarer one.


King's Quest VI! One of the very first PC games I played when my mom (who was going back to school to get a computer science degree in the early-mid 90's) came home with our first home PC, back in the days when Windows 3.x was king! :lol:

Again, this was the days before gamefaqs, and even as 10 year old, I was actually able (through rigorous trial and error) to figure out a lot of the puzzles. I was so damn proud of myself when I figured out how to pass the Cliffs of Logic! But then I'd always get stuck in the Minotaur's Labyrinth, because I didn't know how to stop the gears in the room where the ceiling crushes you. And of course, once I found a walkthrough on the web, I felt like an idiot because I didn't put two-and-two-together and figure out if I just threw the damn iceberg lettuce in the boiling pond on the Beast Island, I could get across, pick up a brick, and use THAT in the Labyrinth to stop the gears!!! :blink::angry:

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And about Contra....I'll never forget that bonding experience of my older brother teaching me the Konami Code so I could get 30 lives in Contra! :D

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