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Freifunk Ap51 EasyFlash & Windows 7 issue

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So im trying to flash my hacked FON with Piranha and i'm using win 7 rc1.

Winpcap installs (seemingly) without a hitch.

I start up Freifunk Ap51 EasyFlash and get an error that no devices can be found and to make sure that winpcap is installed.

The laptop is stand alone and is not connected to a network....the fon is plugged into the laptop and I can browse to Jasager.

After doing some searching, I've found a windows7 patch for winpcap....only its a 1kb .diff file.

I don't have a clue on how to apply this patch.

I also read that this file may need to be converted to an executable.

OR...should i just partititon and install xp ..just to do the flash?

Pleasegiveafonoobahand =]

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Install winpcap in Vista compatability mode.

Then run Freifunk Ap51 EasyFlash as admin.

Just flashed a fon here with Win 7 RC1.

I can also confirm that FonFlash.exe from the Gargoyle site works well also.

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