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No IP From Fon+... (Won't boot?)

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Okay, so if anyone saw my other posts about blowing up my Fon+ with reverse polarity... I ordered a new one.

The one I blew up was working perfect til I blew it up.. Jasager and all with no problems.

This new one, I flashed once and had it semi-working (webif would not complete it's install.. ever).

Then I decided to just flash with the newer Piranha firmware and I also tested out the Jasager firmware.

Well. Now... I can't do anything. It appears to flash successfully(using Freifunk) and then reboots, and the computer never gets an IP from it.. and configuring it to a static IP in the 192.168.1.x range also does not work. 168.254.255.x does not work.

I do not have a serial cable but am working on borrowing one...

I just don't understand how it could flash these various firmwares then the device never spits out an IP or can't be communicated with...

I did some searching but did not find an answer from various forums.

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what happens if you set your IP to and run ping -t while powering on the fon?

if you get a few replies and then no respond, that is RedBoot (bootloader) coming up. I would then try a reflash.

sorry to hear about your bad luck. hope you can get it running.

edit: i seem to remember some problems with Freifunk and Piranah. (Freifunk is outdated) Try Fon Flash from: http://www.gargoyle-router.com/download.php or try it manually with redboot.pl and the Piranah install guide.

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