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Danger Mouse New Album - Burn your own copy!


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Danger Mouse is one half the band Gnarls Barkley. He has a new album out, but apparently he and his record company don't get along, and they shelved his album. With the threat of never releasing it for sale, he has it streaming over NPR radio(until they remove it I guess).

He came up with the concept of releasing the Album as a CD-R. A blank CD-R, with a photo booklet to go along with the album, its intention, for you to burn your own copy, if you can find it online: http://gizmodo.com/5257670/danger-mouses-n...be-a-blank-cd+r


On a side note, I am now listening to it on NPR and capturing all the rtmpt data to a pcap file. I had intended to rip it from the cap file using something similar to the last Hak5 Segment that Eighty of Dual Core covered, but Im not sure how to set up a signature for filtering out just the audio of an RTMPT stream data once Im done with the capture.

I figured out a display filter to grab just the audio data:

rtmpt.header.function == 0x08

and I can save the stream converstation(one way from source) but the play back is all garbled and distorted.

Flash uses some Java on the server side to grab the files off the server and Im not sure if there is padded data in the file that Flash knowingly filters out before playing the audio, but I can't seem to get a clean stream out of the pcap files I create. If anyone would like to help me with this, let me know.

Otherwise, go and listen to the album and enjoy it while you can.

edit: Just want to state before anyone says "why don't you just get it off a torrent", while I could, I want to learn how to do this feat of grabbing it from the cap file, not so much for the download. I'll probably do that later, but for now I want to work on the signature and filtering of the audio from the rtmpt stream data.

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