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Jasager on your linux laptop/netbook?

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Hello guys,

Well I'm not sure of this is the right topic, if it isn't, I'm sorry, please forgive me.

but ok here we go. ;)

Last night I was playing around with the linux networkmanager, where it's possible to let your wireless adapter act like an accesspoint. For example to share your 3G connection through wireless.

Then I saw the little jasager fon next to me and started thinking:

We all know that if you would like to use the pineapple somewhere in a public place you have to hide the pineapple somewhere and you also need to think about some power for the pineapple.

That's the point where the thinking started. When you know that it is possible to let your linux laptop/netbook act as an Accesspoint, what would then be better then using your laptop/netbook loaded with jasager instead of an seperate pineapple that you have to hide somewhere.

It would bring the following advantages:

1: You wouldn't need to think about power for the pineapple

2: You wouldn't need to hide is somehow.

And 3: maybe even more important you are no different than the crowd sitting around you, because you're only having a laptop and a phone on the table just like everybody else.

Well I'm not the best programmer around.

But what do you guys think would it be possible to run something like jasager on linux???

Thnx in advance.



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The tool you are looking for is called Karma and is what Jasager is built on.

Dino Dia Zovi wrote the original and info can be found here http://blog.trailofbits.com/karma/ . I've kept it alive and there are various version of it and patches on my site at Digininja.org.

You've also got karmetasploit that is liked to at the bottom of Dinos page.

I've got a plan to put Jasager itself on the PC, it can be done by just a slight hack of Jasager but isn't advisable because it means either running your web server as root or enabling the webserver user to access tools like iwconfig. My approach is better but will take a bit of work to get sorted.

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