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Why and How to use Encrypted Hidden Volumes


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So from my last video someone asked me what a hidden volume was and why they should be using it. So here is a short video how and why to setup undetectable encrypted files on your computer. Trust me, the cops can't see or find these with FTK, Encase or other means.

Currently if you are using basic encryption the courts can put you in jail until you turn over your password and decrypt the data. So with a hidden volume you give the courts what they think they want, the password to your "safe" encrypted data (I like to put porn and fake love letters) and they have no way of knowing your "real" files are hidden within the free space of encrypted volume with a different password.

I even recommend in the video using a password for the safe data that can be brute force attacked easily so their forensic examiner can get into the file while you will pretend to care in court about protecting your "porn and love letters".

All this amounts to plausible deniability and being safe from the feds.


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