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Laptop Dead, No Sign of damage?


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I have an old Acer5050 laptop (3-4 years now)

one day the laptop just shut off and I was never able to turn it on again, the battery is fine and I've tried two different working adapters (for the same model laptop)

I've completely opened the laptop up and tor it all apart but cannot see any burn marks or anything indicating that the're is a hardware problem, so why in the world wont it turn on.

When it died I was taking guitar hero 2 music and converting it with frets on fire. that was the last time it worked.... about 2 years ago..

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Do you get any lights or power, fans at all? Is it just the screen that might be burned out or you get no lights, no fan, etc?

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yeh :/ no post either.

I'll try to upload pics asap

Have you tried running it without the battery installed? I've had many machines where the battery appeared to be good but would not boot because in actuality the battery was toast (under load) and the machine wouldn't start with it installed. If I booted it with no battery, then put the battery in, it would show a good battery and full charge. Then unplug the AC and the battery charge would drop like a rock and the machine would shut down.

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