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Movable security camera with web interface.

Dr Gonzo

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I'm attempting a project, but not quite sure where to start.

My end goal, is to have a security camera, that I can view and move around via the internet. For the sake of budget, I'm going to use a webcam at the moment. I can probably get that up and online pretty easily, but it's the movement I'm unsure about.

I'm kind of in the dark as to what to do on the movement front. Basically all I want to build is the 'USB missile defense' device/application from episode 0414, but without the missiles.

Can anyone offer any advice on where to start?



This is effectively what I want to build, but this looks way over the top on the parts count and budget.


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If you wanted to control it via USB then you could try some phidgets. (Google it, I'm on an iPod). They have some really cheep servo's which would work. As far as controling I think you would need a java applet.

Thanks for the links, it's definitely an option. I think I want to take a different route at first though, save me spending money on parts/delivery etc. Want to find something cheap, that already has the ability to rotate/tilt a device around (like the USB missile launcher). Once I configure that to be controlled via the internet, I just need to mount a camera into/onto it and set up a feed.

Unfortunately though, Darren hasn't uploaded the code yet and it seemed like he had allot of trouble configuring it.

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That is really simple actually.

Here is what I think you will need:

Web cam, any kind, doesn't matter.

Servo motor controller- Examples here (It should be too expensive because you only need one that supports 2 servos.)

Direct Pan/Tilt drive- Examples here (Some come with servos and others don't so make sure before you buy.)

If servos didn't come with the Pan/tilt, you can get them here. (Note: GWS Servos are use for continuous rotation.)

Cable from USB to Servo controller.

For the servo controller, you should probably either get one with rs-232(Looks like a monitor plug) or one with a mini- usb. The cable should be easy to find.

So basically servo plugs into the servo controller and servo controller directly into your PC.

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