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FreeSSHd Denies Connection


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*I know this has come up before, but it was never resolved*

I've been trying to setup an SSH tunnel, but I get an "password denied" error every time I try to connect, whether from the same box or a different box, on the lan or on the internet. Before you start making me look stupid:

* password is correct

* same issue no matter the auth method

* firewall is not blocking ports

* ports are forwarded

* ISP is not blocking port

* I have multiple other types of servers running on the same PC

* Server and client are on different PCs

* Same issue on LAN & WAN

* Same issue on Windows & Linux

* Same issue running server as Service or Not Service

* Tried Reinstall already

* Just reinstalled Windows

* Running XP SP3

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'reinstalled windows'? god dayum, how the other half lives eh?

I would check that you actually have the 'server' portion of ssh on your box. I believe for windows you can get programs that can just connect to an ssh box but not receive a connection. If this is the case I would just install cgywin's port of openSSH. It's what the cool kids use. ;)

Give that a go.

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Should have clarified that.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 on my home server (I know...), which is running the FreeSSHd Server.

I'm trying to connect using the built in SSH client on my Ubuntu-running notebook.

I get password denied no matter what password I use, even if I'm on the lan.

Yes, I am using the correct username.

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My setup used OpenSSH back in the day, freeSSHd always seemed to have problems but I haven't tried it in a long time. When you set up SSH, did you create the ssh crypto keys, and user groups for SSH logins?

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Yep, I have the server setup to use Public Key 128 bit RSA encryption, and I have one user, which uses a password stored as a HA1 Hash.

However, it won't work no matter how I setup the server.

This is very annoying, as FreeSSHd worked fine before I reinstalled Windows.

Are there any other good Windows SSH servers?

P.S. When I installed the server, I was not asked to permit or deny it to listen for WAN connections. This may be because I installed it as a service, but I'm not sure.

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copSSH is good. It's one of the bits of software i've implemented at work. Once installed you have to activate each user. Really simple to do. Perhaps it is this 'activation' that you need with freeSSH?

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Tried copSSH it gives me a similar error:

Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive).

Is there a possibility that I am entering the password wrong? Could someone explain the process of setting up authentication for me?

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Tried copSSH it gives me a similar error:


mmm that's weird. The reason why I used this is because the program is basically one-click install.

Have you activated the user you are connecting as? It's in the copSSH start menu items.

Also try turning off the microsoft program protection thing. Can't remember what it is called, dsp? Can a windows-bod correct me on that?

Switch off the windows firewall.

Try connecting to localhost.

Try connecting to the w2k3 machine lan address. i.e

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You say the port is forwarded(at the router I assume), but is the port open on the firewall itself? What firewall are you using, Windows built in or third party? Try turning off the firewall(s) and see if you get the same errors.

Can't remember what it is called, dsp?
I believe you are talking about DEP (Data Execution Prevention). Unless you turn it on for all programs, it only limits certain ones defined by Microsoft. By default, its not turned on for all programs, although I have mine turned on for all, I know it does block certain programs from being able to go online for some reason, so might be worth a look if you turned it on for everything.
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