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Tether your Blackberry w/o tethering plan on Linux


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EDIT: Holy God, it works! I did a little poking around with netcat, and I found that for some reason, the connection blocks port 80. Otherwise, it works, as I was able to ping google.com and SSH into bbs.hak5.org!

The new question would be: How do I setup a compressed proxy on my home server? My phone's internet is a bit slow, and a 5GB bandwidth cap is tight even at 114kb/s.

Hello peeps! I haven't posted on the forums I a while, but I have a question:

Has anyone here successfully tethered their Blackberry without a tethering plan?

I know it is possible, but I have been unable to get it working via Bluetooth or USB on Windows or Ubuntu. I have only tried using berry4all (formerly BBtether) so far, but I have heard of a piece of software called Barry working as well. I have a AT&T 8120 Perl (EDGE).

The problem would be described as getting a valid connection (with IP), but not being exposed to the Internet.

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i don't know about Linux but for windows it's pretty easy ( well it used to be, it's been about 4 years since i worked in A&Ts laptop connect dept) but you need to install the blackberry software and plug your phone in. under device manager there should be an entry for serial modem( two of them actually) with a com number you can then create a dial up connection and list that com port as the modem. you do need to add the wap.cingular apn to the configuration( cant remember the steps) and the user name is wap@cingular( the apn and user name may have changed with the rebranding) there is no password and you can look up the phone number on the internet ( if i remember correctly you should be able to use the blackberry.net apn also but don't quote me on that) but basically as long as you have a data plan( even if you don't as a matter of fact) you will have the wap apn on your account. if you don't have an internet account and this is highly unlikely since you have a blackberry, you should be careful because they will charge per KB. also remember to use it in short intervals ( the billing system will flag accounts with unusually high data usage for a mobile device and you may be stuck with a per KB charge on your billing statement. )

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Thanks for the tip on avoiding being caught!

I do have an unlimited (err 5GB/month) data plan, and I use ssh and high-bandwidth apps on my phone all the time, so I should be safe.

Still, this is mostly for web browsing, and even then, only as a backup connection.

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