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Aspire One ath5k promisc mode


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I recently picked up an aspire one zg5 and installed the latest version of januty with netbook remix. All was well untill i started to try using some of my pen test tools, on my older laptops that have the older ath (with madwifi-ng drivers) cards i have never had a problem dropping a wireless interface into promiscuous mode with (plan to try out the madwifi instead when i get home)

ifconfig ath0 promisc
ifconfig wlan0 promisc
on the aspire

The command runs fine, however i cant pick up many types of traffic that i know is occurring from other machines for example http traffic.

Now i have better results if i run airmon and cap all the traffic and convert it to a pcap file and then run tools on the pcap files.

Anyone else having similar issues?

While this solution works, its less than desirable since I can't use the interface while in monitor mode.

I suppose that I could fire up ettercap or arpspoof however i think the machine is a little underpowered for that sort of thing, i have had some issues with heavy hanging when arp spoofing on lower end machines (not to mention routers and os's are getting smarter about stopping such things)

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Card is Atheros AR5BXB63

Promiscuous mode not monitor mode guys, they are different (note i mentioned monitor mode at the bottom that works fine with airmon or iw though not with the typical command cause the ath5k drivers have to make a psudo interface). and I've already decided to make the switch to madwifi. cause when i loaded up bt4 on a usb key it worked like a charm.

Thanks though

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