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rinetd on port 80


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On this weeks show, Darren showed off "rinetd", the IP and Port redirection program. He created the scenario where all ports except 80 were blocked and then used "rinetd" to forward traffic from port 80 to 6667. Well what if all ports are open except port 80? Can I use this program to accept traffic over some random port and then forward it to port 80, so HTTP traffic can be viewed unfiltered? Thanks guys.

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yes, well maybe. Technically you can, but there will be some problems.

Some websites may use absolute paths in there links (for what ever reason), in which case it won't work well as every link will send you back to port 80. Other things that expect you to be using port 80 won't work either (flash and what not).

There is also the issue that you will need to create a new forwarding rule for each website.

You are probably better off just running a proxy unless you only wish to use it with a single website that you have tested and know links aren't broken by accessing it this way.

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