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Rasing money for a School


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This is a funny and great cause, I said Id help them with teh digg, please donate anything you have, but more than 20, even 21 gets the money w/o the deduction from pay pal


Also, they are playing a game where they have to wiggle the mouse to keep the old man awake, they fail, they do pushups

Thanks again

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lol maybe my school should do something like this, two cisco 2500 routers and 2 3600xl switches I believe for a class of 20 students. Fail seeing as the 2500's cant do basic VLAN's properly and the IOS is so old it aint funny.

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I would, but currently am working with my schools project to build a school in Somalia so i'll stick to that.

Yeah, because Somali pirates need an "edumacations".

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