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Help with video card


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Hi guys. This is going to be a really dumb question for you, but I really need to ask you, for I don;t want to spend 100 dollars in something that I don't need.

I just got a new motherboard (Asus M2N68-AM SE2) I have everything in place; however, I am confused about the chipset. The chipset is NVIDIA GeForce 7025/n Force 630a; When I go to the video card options, it says that my video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 7025/n Force 630a (it is included in the motherboard itself). My question is

Is my video card a NVIDIA GeForce 7025/n Force 630a really? or vista is just telling me that my chipset is that.

There is a video game I want to play and the video requirements is NVIDIA 7000 Series above.

I know this is a stupid quesstion, but I am totally new at video cards and motherboard. I am focus on the software part, that is why I don;t understand much about all those video card names, advantages, etc.

Thank you

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To answer your question, it is still a Nvidia 7 serise GPU. So it should do what you need it to do for now. Mind you, you'll probably have to run the graphics settings a little lower than you might want. Integrated video isn't really the way to go if you want to do any amount of computer gaming since it uses allocated RAM as video memory. I would really suggest buying a decent mid-range graphics card to put in the pci express slot(if its not filled already). A 9800 would be a great way to go. You could probably pick one up $75 total(tax, shipping and handling) from Tiger or Newegg. Out of curiosity, which game are you wanting to play?


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