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bit of lol for you


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a tradesman lockedup the house for us(we expected him to leave teh key in the house and pull the door shut).


I had a chuckle and went inside. I'm no security freak. I've left the door open(not just unlocked) for 2 days while i was at the beach and hardly ever lock it. I leave it open at night in summer. Only been robbed once and that was not here(house was locked), was the kids down the road but you know how police are "can you prove thats your push bike?" "yeah see that bent spoke from my odometer thing!" "sorry" (bit hard to go take you shit back when the kids skip school and parents are unemployed), i hear the parents are now in jail/rehab from our old neighbours. Got a better bike any how which was stolen the other day. Got another bike now. got none of it back, just insurence claim which was hard as it was mostly inherited stuff as a family member had died very hard to prove you even owned it. dads unit garage had about 4 swags two motorbike helmets nicked from it which was a bugger(not insured for garage) got the buggers but they already hawked our stuff others got theirs back.

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You aussies are a chilled out bunch. If this happened in London my house would have been robbed at least five times within the two days away.

I would have gone mad-monkey kung fu ape shit on the tradie. haha nice post

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