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Twittering Plant

Jason Conley

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I first saw the Plant Twitter Kit on thinkgeek.com and figured I could build it myself with an arduino and parts that I already had. When I went to the Botanicalls website I was amazed that they had instruction and code you can download to do this very thing!

Now some of you might think - so what, a plant that twitters, big deal. What I think is really cool about this is the idea of random household objects connected to the internet talking to you. That network traffic your sniffing using the pineapple one day might just be someone's electric toothbrush needing new batteries. More stuff on the network means more stuff to hack ..err I mean secure.

Here is Thirst_E_Plant, the plant setup that I have sitting on my desk at work:


You can follow Thirst_E_Plant on twitter:


Here is the step by step tutorial w/ pictures if you want to build your own:


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Hey, saw this and was blown away. (Im easily exicited). Could you junk a PC to get some of these parts?


Ok I came back and read and here is a better question I am after. Can you scrap a Ethernet card for this project?

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