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Can anyone vouch for a program that allows two or more computers to have a p2p network. In the past I used a program called Grouper. It was exactly what I wanted but the company went under when too many of it's users were abusing the system, creating large mp3 sharing networks. I have also used Waste, but it's a pain to setup and isn't a true p2p since it requires a server to be running. Any suggestions?


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I think OneSwarm might be what you're looking for.

Check it out.


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Cool program. The concept behind the program is very intuitive. But after it boots up for the second time it uses 100% of system resources. I'll keep that one bookmarked until windows comes out of beta / they update it.

After some searching I found a program called Retro Share. I'll see how it works.

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Cool program! It probably the most feature similar to grouper. BUT it requires port forwarding. This isn't a problem for me, but I will be using this with people who think port forwarding is putting there thumb drive in the next available slot.

From what I can tell so far retro share will work fine. But I'm still open to ideas if some one knows of a better program.

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