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Very cool, Multisim 9.


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I just got round to upgrading to Multisim Power Pro 9, I have had it on my box for a few weeks now but I just uninstalled version 8 and made the full switch over and wow it’s really good and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in electronics as it’s a cheap way to design and test your ideas out and then once you know it will work you can just order the needed components and build it.

You can also use what you have done in Multisim and make PCB layout in Ultiboard which you can send to a manufacturer and have your product professionally manufactured.

Hears the product tour it’s a targeted at teachers but the software is used in the private sector as well.


Hears the Freeware Edition I have never used the free version but they say the only restrictions in this version relate to project size (50 components, 750 pins and 2 layers), so if you like it and feel you need more then you can buy the Student Edition.


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