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Trent Reznor isnt happy with Apple right now...


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This is why the iPhone is inevitably doomed, its a fashion accessory, the app store is a joke, and it relies entirely upon the fact that its cool. When it stops being cool and all the other phone makers have stolen the best ideas who the hell is going to buy it?

On a side note, Apple with your new Mac Pro WTF were you thinking? 2x Quad CPU's that use tri-channel memory, and 8 RAM slots? How does that even begin to make sense? It should be 6 per CPU.

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*I laughed pretty hard* Even though Trent took the piss out of apple nicely and he still managed to raise a valid point.

Vako you would be spot on, like most apple products they are all fashion accessories and in some case's there are better products that can be purchased.

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Its not quite that, I was looking at the Mac Pro as it looks like an amazing system. But they didn't really think the whole thing through. 4GB DIMMS are still way more expensive than 2GB DIMMS, so If I want 24GB of RAM in a system I'm forced to only use 3 slots per CPU, making the 4th redundant. Why include it?

The iPhone is a good phone, and it certainly lit a fire under tha ass of other phone makers. However, the fact that Apple are courting the world of fashion so heavily means they are always at risk of people just deciding they're not fashionable anymore. And because they haven't opened up the App store enough and are attempting to make jailbreaking a crime they will find it hard to have that mass appeal if the majority of Joe Public no longer think they're cool. Say what you want about Windows Mobile but it can be hacked, anyone can make and release an app and you can buy them on any network you want.

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Yeah apple always seem to go after anyone who tries to mod their software in any way shape or form. Its a little harsh considering people are only making the original product more functional.

The problem with average joe/jane (janes more so than joe's) is that when they are after a new techno gadget its all about the look and not about the practical features. Sure the iphone is a great toy but its rather gimicky.

Computers on the other hand I will admit the O.S is pretty and user friendly (uninstalling apps is so awesome in apple) and the hardware is pretty specy.

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