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Half Life 2 --Episode One-- : Your Opinion


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My first puzzle ment was why they made there logo so similare to Star Wars Episodes one's.



My problems with the story and/or game play

My second puzzle was why the vortogants put you under a pile of rubble, they ported you out of the Xen safe zone and back to City 17, WHY UNDER A PILE OF ROCKS?! (I know it's a game, but I like my games that have some story to the to make sence).

So, we have past the first two puzzles. My next question is why Alyx did not have the fore sight to make a copy of that "Packet" (bet it's a giant TCP 4 Terabyte packet), it seems to be a key element in the story, so it meakes sence to backup your data (dur) and paticulaly if your enemy is trying to kill you more becasue you have it (duh duh).

My next problem with the game was thoughs stupid running around in the dark places. What the hell was that all about?! I saw it comming (the running around in the dark that is), and I thought to my self "I'v alredy done this in Doom 3 and partily in Quake 4". Alyx was practicly no help at all, she would get surrounded while I was shooting the crap out of zombies and run off in to some corner some where shouting "Help gorden", silly bitch. Why didn't she pic up a flare and use that for some light? There are plently lying around!

So, now on to the street fighting. Why isn't the combine rifle like a rifle?! I realy don't appriciate my rifles not been accurate. Makes it anoying to shoot further away enemies, the only weapons any good at this are the RPG and the Magnum which you don't get nearly enough ammo for.

I realy liked the bit where alyx used the Sniper rifle, although, as a hacker, it's far too obviuse as to what Valve did to create that bit. Takes practicly no effote to do that except to make a map the sniper can see mostly every where for. Thats about it for game play and story problems, these are the ones that most annoyed me. It also realy got on my nerves that this episode simpley said "Alyx survived the explosion" and left every other question unanswered while creating more!

The graphics

Honistly, they are fucking awsome, when I saw the core I nearly fell out of my chair. Valve realy have out done them selvs with this side of the game. The only thing that still seems to pass me is I find it hard to tell what material things are made out of in some instances. For example, I had no idea Alyxs jacket was made of leather (dispite reflecting light like leather does) untill the commentary pointed this out.


The only reason to play this game is for the frankly awsome graphics, there is about 30 minets of worth while must see graphics stuff while the rest is your standard half life 2 run around shoot enemies solve simple puzzles. All the newly created story line bits are seen in the first chapter of this epsisode (there are 5 chapters). That chapter is about an hour long if you play it realy slowly.

Final Verdict (I thought that was the conclusion too)

It's worth playing, but it is not worth $19.95 to play. Either get a *cough* warez version or wait for Episode two at which point the price of Episode one is likly to drop.

Any thoughts?

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I didn't read your post because I may one day play this and I've always liked the storylines of Half Life.

HL1 took me a long time to beat and was a ton of fun.

HL2 took me a week. :(. The story was good, but the game was just so damn short.

So I leave the gamer scene for a year or so to do some iptv stuff and now there's a new episode of HL2? What's up with this? Is it just more levels? Someone explain why I should care.

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I'm still playing HL2 so I can't really help you there. Someone correct me here, but I think I read sometime ago that there was going to be an HL2 expansion. FOr whatever reason, Valve decided to bust it up into 'episodes' that would be released every few months, play for about 4 to 5 hours and be $20 a pop. Something along the lines of they wanted to try making a bunch of small games that were <insert marketing speak> rather than make us all wait 10 years for another game.

Like I said, I am still playing HL2 so I am not sure what the deal is with Ep. 1, I am way far behind the gaming 'scene'. Now that I think about it, I am still in the middle of Doom 3.

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Sparda you make me sick *spits on sparda* I agree with a lot of points you made though. My problem is that half-life 2 and all games based on that engine are some what of a pest to minimize as we have discovered in that gun mod 8)

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I baught a copy of hl2 episode 1 the day it came out, I spent £15 to get hl2 episode 1 and £30 to buy half life 2.

It took me a whole 6hrs to complete hl2 episode 1 which I feel was a total ripoff for the price of it.

The game has improved graphics on hl2 but the episode is just to short, lots of people completed it and thought, wtf, is that it!!!.

If valve decide to bring out like episode 1 and 2 for £15 then buy it, but dont buy the first episode on its own because you will feel you have been ripped off.

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