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Fon 2201 and Jasager

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So i tried to flash my fon 2201 with AP41 easy flash, i used the external files for rootfs and kernel

   * In the GUI under Rootfs check Use external file and browse to gargoyle_1.0.0_beta2-fonplus-2.6-root.squashfs. Under Kernel check Use external file and browse to gargoyle_1.0.0_beta2-fonplus-2.6-vmlinux.lzma.
   * Select your Ethernet interface from the Interface drop-down.

Once it finished flashing it reboots but then i can ping but i can not telnet or ssh into it.

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So now i got to step 9 on http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/Fon%2B_Jasager_Install -- note used beta 3 of gargoyle rather than beta 2 --

when i run step 10 - ipkg install -nodeps ./jasager_1.2.ipk

i get the following error

Waring Installation may have failed.

Detected r1 is installed, but this is r1.

EDIT : seems to be working - no one to test it on but jasager loads up!

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So now i think its all working, I tried running hamster/ferrit but ferret is not generating the hamster.txt

and hamsters just complains "hamster.txt: No such file or directory"

Any ideas why its not generating it? Would it only create on if there is traffic or would it always generate one?

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You've struggled to get this far but I'd suggest reflashing and going for v2, probably best using the beta firmware I've released as that has the latest bug fixes in it. The version 1.x releases now have known bugs.

Can't help with hamster and ferret, I'm a wifizoo guy.

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There is a forum topic with 8.09 mentioned in the title, have a look in there.

It went out as a beta and I had intentions of releasing it properly after it had been tested but that has been delayed slightly due to some work I'm doing to get Jasager into the Piranah firmware.

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Well Im not sure if i need to downgrade or if i should , jasager loads up fine, i just need to find a public place to test it.. or another laptop..

Added a usb power cable today :D yay!

portable version!

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