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from itunes to window media


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recently, i found out that i had washed my ipod. well to make a long story short , its dead. So i was thinking about pulling my songs from itunes to windows media, so that i can by a cheap mp3 player. The problem i have is the fact that itunes saves files as mp4's, i was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how to go from mp4 to mp3

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Windows Media Player 12 well support playing DRM free iTunes media, but I don't imagine you'd want to wait so...

Change your import settings to mp3. I'd change iTunes music library location as well (or at least temporarily). It should be elsewhere than the iTunes folder so you can easily retrieve the files. Re-import your music folder with open folder from the file menu. When it asks you to convert the songs click yes and wait for iTunes to finish converting. If you no longer want to use iTunes than you can go ahead and uninstall it. Copy the coverted music files from the location you selected for the iTunes library to the location where you want Windows Media Player to find them/where you want to store them.

Personally, I have my collection in all mp3s and have both iTunes/WMP setup to rip/import as mp3s to the same location. This way, I only have one copy of each song on my hard drive and both programs well play them.

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