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Backdoor Installer


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*** Backdoor Installer ***

Wrote this as a nice little all-in-one backdoor installer for Attack P.E. basically this is a small script written using AHK and will run in (Bart) P.E. mode or normal mode. With the latest Ep. about netcat i thought i'd post the code so people could hack it up and have some fun. This is beta code, and i have not tested all of its features/payloads fully to ensure they work correctly, i am posting this for testing only. if you want to test it out, and post code fixes, or just the bugs you find that would be awesome :) the final version will be included in the new version of APE.

Features (v0.1 Beta)
- Includes, Netcat, FTP, VNC, and Dingleberries' CMD Bind payloads
- Should work on XP, Vista32/64 and Win7 32/64 (Build 7000)
- You can easily configure Netcat, to connect over the internet, on any port, and to accept telnet sessions
- Built in removal tools
- Easy wget installer (optional)
- More to come

Any ideas on what you'd like to see please post them!

Shar'in The Technolust Source:

PS: Anyone know how to add exceptions to the vista/win7 firewall, via regkeys? (xp is so easy)
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