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PHP polling/vote autovoter?


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Hey... i'm looking to create a program/macro that will vote for an entity in a poll over and over and as quickly as possible. (kind of like /b/'s time magazine top 100 poll)

This is an almost identical poll format to what im working with- if someone can show me the php method post URL for this site's sample poll.. that would be very helpful


but I am unable to get the right string of php code that will cast a vote for the selected entity.

The website allows you to vote as many times as you like from the same computer... so i'd like a program to do this very quickly and consistently for me.

If anyone is knowledgeable in this... please throw some tips my way.

the poll form is lg_poll_form

and the variable im looking to hit is lg_polls[answer_id] -> I'm not sure how to put that into my URL correctly. do i place the # in the brackets? or is it =#?

any help appreciated!


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I think what you're looking for is something along these lines:


Unfortunately the poll you're looking at is using a form that is using POST not GET. So it won't be a modified URL in this instance. If you build a proper http_request object and set its associated POST values using the above link I think you'll be set. Also, don't forget to pay attention to the hidden fields in that form on the page you shared, they'll more than likely need to be POST'd as well.

Lemme know if that helps you out at all.

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