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511 Easter Egg Hunt

Darren Kitchen

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Just thought I'd create a thread about it so you don't miss it.

I know you *always* download every episode the day it comes out but maybe you spilled fudge on your sneakers when you were watching and weren't paying attention when we announced our latest contest.

Easter Egg Hunt for 511. If you remember the hunt in season 1 this is somewhat similar, except there isn't any URL guessing or videos to watch.

There are four checkpoints. Each check point provides a verification code and a new clue. The first check point also provides a special URL from where you can submit your verification codes as you find them.

I'm tracking the results from time to time and it's fun to see how far everyone has gotten.

The first clue is this: RTT.HAK5.ORG

In the episode I also said something to the effect of "Use what you've learned today and in past episodes to win the easter egg hunt".

There's a pretty bad-ass prize waiting for the winner in addition to a deluxe personalized HakPack.

Good luck and good hunting.

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aahh this sucks im still new here and no clue what to do. eehh I didnt want no ones hair in my prize so lol im off easy

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aaahhh i give up...i am way in the deep end here. And I dont want a lock of Matts hair...yuck!

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Part one done, now on to part two.

edit: I don't want to go to much into it because I don't want to ruin the fun for others, but did we get hint 2 in the process of getting the first verification code, or will that be in the next episode?

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Much more fun than a trivia question, this is great! I've done part one and two and I'm stuck on three.

I just hope noone starts posting hints as that will spoil it.

Darren, or whoever put this together, well done !

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Part one and two were almost too easy but still made me think, part three has got me stumped. At work, so not much I can do until I get home, but I have a process working on it in the mean time.

Nicely done Darren, this is fun.

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Brute forcing it isn't the answer... won't really help.

That's all I'm gonna say.

Oh, and no my attack didn't finish, though it would have gotten the password... eventually. I'm letting it run, though, just to see how long it actually takes.

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Im assuming there is some hex editing involved in song.zip then? So then no password is goign to work, is what you are saying?

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