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PHP + MYSQL online File Sharing System.

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the more secure ones, are normally the ones you pay for :(

But really when it comes down to it, you can easily make your own, and its more how you configure your server, than the scripts that make it secure.

So what are you looking for your site to do? Host files like rapidshare? just a drop box for mates? or a ratio download server?

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I am looking to run something similar to rapid share but for personal use. Basically depending on the permissions i allow on a specific user account, once they log in, they will be able to either download, upload, or browse depending on their permissions. It would be nice to be able to incorporate some kind of statistics into it as well such as what files have been viewed, whats been downloaded, who uploaded what and so forth.

Looking around I found this project right here http://zeldaweb.com/PHP_File_Sharing.html but I would be kinda skeptical to give them access to my server to install it.

I also found http://file-sharing.arpanet.ro/ but the live demo is broken so im unsure of what it can and can't do

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Old thread I know, I'm sorry...

Filezilla + php + mySQL + http ...if you really really really need the slow GUI and HTTP requests to go along with the file sharing.

I did this actually. Works great. Set up the groups, permissions, then accounts.

then set up the files/folders to be shared. Downfall is you'd need to do some more hacking to be able to allow users to register themselves with the system -- I don't think it should be that hard, just some tinkering with FileZilla.

really..otherwise, have them just use FTP. It saves many headaches IMO

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