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What linux distro are you running on your netbook?

Bai Shen

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So I just picked up an 1000HE recently, and I'm trying to decide what version of linux to put onto it. Now I normally run Mandriva. I've had better luck with them and I'm more familiar with their stuff. However, Ubuntu seems to have better netbook support atm, so I'm debating on going with them.

So what version of linux are you running on your netbook and why?

I have the acer aspire one. I am wunning windows xp normally. But I do have a thumb drive with the netbook remix ubuntu 9.04.

I may in the future see about installing it on the hard drive. but for now I need the windows xp for some stuff for school. It's also been awhile since I worked with linux regularly so I relearning a lot of stuff.

However I have to say that now that I have been playing with Ubuntu I will probably install at the least a vm of it on my desktop when I rebuild it. I might even duel boot with it. not sure yet.

Alas so may projects, not enough time... Or money...

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