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Possible to Intercept traffic between WiFi and VLan through Computer port on Fonera+

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As the title says, is that possible. I know I could put a computer between the fonera vlan and the internet but that would require 2 ethernet ports on the pc between. It would be pretty cool if I could simply plug my laptop into the computer port and be able to read all the traffic between wifi clients and the vlan(internet) port.

Is that possible in anyway?

I'm thinking somehow make the OpenWrt act as a hub but I'm not sure. What would be the best method if its even possible. :)

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Okay I found a temporary solution which may indeed be even cooler that what I was originally thinking. My plan was to run ettercap on the computer connected through the pc port. But instead I got ettercap working on my fonera+ so now I can simply run it from there! How cool is that :P I got a script to make it start at bootup and save the log onto the Fonera+. So far ettercap works great in passive mode but I want to see if I can get it to work interactively so I can setup som fake ssl certifications.

Once ettercap is up and running (you can get the package from openwrt's website), the proper command would be:

ettercap -T -p -u -i eth0.1

The files are pretty big so I would recommend installing 1 dependency at a time, deleting the ipkg once finished.

Oh and btw googling a bit I see almost no one has discussed ettercap on the fon/openwrt, why not? Its amazing imo. If only I also could get dsniff running :)

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I don't understand why you are running ettercap. You are already in the middle so you can route traffic anywhere you want to. If you want to pass all traffic through another machine before it hits the internet just set the default gateway on the fon to be that other machine and make sure that it then forwards packets to the internet.

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