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Anybody got it working through vista on a laptop?


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Ok, so I have been trying to get the fon 2100 w/ Jasager V.2 routing though my laptop for a good while now, and it's always the same thing... Either it works for a little while, then stops working, or it doesnt work at all...

Now let me get into the details..

I can in fact ping all day long through the fon. The fon itself is working quite beautifully, and I can even hook it up to my router and have wonderful results... though that is using a physical connection to another router to do so...

The issue is, is that it seems vista will not let me pass the route through from the network card to my wifi card on my laptop. I do get it working for a little while with some messing around randomly after going over the settings to ensure I have them right about 100x...

Here's some info that seems to make it work (for a short time) to see if you have any similar issues.

1. The ONLY way I was able to get the laptop to use my wifi card to get out to internet traffic with the fon hooked up through ethernet was to manually set the wifi metric to 1 and the ethernet metric to 2 (which of course does make sense..)

2. I have the default gateway of the ethernet card set to both the fon and the wifi card (and vise versa for the wifi gw)

3. I also will say that I can load balance quite nicely in vista through my wifi and my ethernet when copying large files over the home network (one router, 2 hops max)

4. No matter how I tweak the settings, even if I cannot get out to the interentz with my laptop or fon, I can still ping my router on the wifi end, I just cannot get out on the net (and no, it's not the dns info, because even when I ping google, it will find the ip for the network, but it just cant get out.)

5. After I get out of college for the summer, you damn straight I'm either going back to xp or going with linux...

Maybe I have some odd routing issue somewhere I am not seeing?

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