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Yeah, the time factor kicks in when you realize you spend a whole day going forum to forum reading 35 pages of new posts, so I usually bookmark the ones I'm interested in for occasional browsing and stick to a few, right now 3 to be exact.

I'm becoming a forum junkie as well. I used to be this way with IRC. I keep having to pull myself away from the distraction lol

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well a breakdown of the type of forums i use are mainly gaming cable hacking dbox2 development an old wap community general forum ive used for years this one ofcourse and a fair few hardware specific ie xbox 360 wii so on and so on

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Im only on this one and sometimes pure pwnage's forums. But thats it.

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I'm not really active on any. I will go through stages of posting on certain ones. I move around a lot, so can go months and forget about ones I may have joined. So I usually don't join, unless I wanted to say something.

In saying that I read quite a few maybe once or twice, get what I need and never go back. I've posted on 3 this past couple weeks.

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