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What's in your Electronics Cleaning Kit


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I'm looking to put together an all in one cleaning kit for my electronics to get on some spring cleaning. What do you guys use from everything to cleaning LCDs to getting in between keys on the keyboard to those tiny ports in cell phones?

These might work well for some things, but I figured I could see what the local $ store has, those make up brushes seem pretty small

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My cleaning kit... nothing.. I get stuff from around the house when needed.

The most painstaking for me is keyboard cleanup.. I smoke, and eat around the keyboard, and while I'm pretty clean about the eating part, smokin' a cig, while playing quake live, I can get kinda fumbled about when I can flick the ashes, so it gets all up in my keyboard, in which case, I take it apart, take out all the keys (with a reference, no I'm not that leet..) and use q-tips to clean around all the keys and well.. thats it.

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Non conductive tip bristle brush(can be found in most computer stores like staples or best buy) and a can of compressed air for mother boards, keyboards and small electronic areas. Alchohol wipes for mice and keyboards(dissinfect the plastic and remove dead skin and dirt). For newer monitors with soft screens that can't use windex or chemicals to clean, I had my wife pick me up some eye glass cleaning cloths. They remove the dust nicely on my glossy lcd screens without the need for liquid cleaners. They even work on the older glass CRT screens, since that is what they mainly were meant to clean, glass. Don't spray LCD screens with compressed air! You can kill the pixels in the screen(leaving funky dots or even lines from top to bottom of the screen), and if the can discharges any liquid from shaking too much or held at the wrong angle, it burns the plastics and stains the screens. Its fine for glass screens on older CRT monitors since you can wipe it off, but don't use on LCD/LED flex type screens themselves.

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