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Why does this web browser smell like toast?


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Do you realy want me to film this with what little editing skills I have? I have no dought Darren could pwn me in Finalcut with his uber micro. Do you realy want me to try this? If so, I will have a go at doing it. Probably will take me a weekend to even film it, I don't even have the software for editing... need to get Sony errm... whats it called... Vagas, thats it.

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no, i get it. it all makes sense.

actually, we must film this. we must break this amazing news to the internet.

it's up to you to write the script in this thread, then wess and i will film it and release it on hak5.org

we depend on you! help us show the world the wonders that is the toast browser.

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I still want to film it too, i'm going to get some friends round with some props and stuff and film it. You can fill me it too, just, I want to do one too :D

Edit: I alredy have a cool ass script, and i'v alredy planned it out in my head, I better not forget it!

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Can you point me towards a tutorial for sony vagas with a name some thing like "The crash course of how to use Sony Vagas", I have never used sony vagas befor and need to learn how to use it befor the weekend.

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