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Do you like live messenger?  

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    • Im not obbsessive complusive like you are kainchick so i dont care its just a messenger
    • i dont use msn

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Okay so Microsoft came out with msn's new messenger, So far i hate it, and not just because its microsoft. It adds people to your messenger that are just in your contacts, and if your obbsessive complulsive like i am, you remove people that are useless on your messenger contact list. And now you cant because it will remove them also from you address book. I think this is crap so what do you guys think? Like it or hate it?

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Give me Google Talk or Gaim any day! My only problem with Google Talk is you can't send people files dirrectly. I'm sure there is a good reason for it (most likly Security), but it does prety much every thing else I want it to do.

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I just installed it last night and it was okay I guess. I'm not all that hung up on what I use, since I don't use it a lot. I didn't have an issue with the contacts at all though. The only people in my list are ones that I added and none of them are in my contacts. Same for my work machine and my wifes machine.

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To me it seems like they just gave MSN 7.0 a Vista style appearance, none of the new features are useful to me personally. It's still just as bloated as it's always been. If only everyone I needed to contact would lurk in IRC instead...

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I like it. It's slick without the menu bar on the top, and I like the whole direction MS is going with the Live branding. I just want to know when we can get an @live.com email address so I can ditch my hotmail.

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