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Broken pineapple

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I was following a tutorial on bridging my pineapple to monitor network traffic using this guide


However, after doing this step

Step 4. Before we can configure our wired interface, we need to give the fon router a static IP address and DHCP server IP. Connect your fon router to your Ethernet port and power it on. Now open your browser and connect to the webif interface of the router. In my case it is (Refer to Daren Kitchen’s tutorial if needed). Go to the “Network” tab and change the connection type to DHCP, leave the “Type” to “Bridged” and put in the IP address of and the Subnet mask of Click “Save Changes” and then “Apply Changes” in the bottom right corner of the page. And finally, in the “Connection Type” drop-down go back to Static IP and make sure that the new settings are retained:

I was unable to connect to my pineapple and access the interface wirelessly or through ethernet. Is there any way to fix this?

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Alright guys I figured it out. I had tried plugging it into my router earlier as was suggested, but it didn't work at first. Turns out you need batteries that aren't really low. Thanks anyway.

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