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how does the status system, the hackling, uberhacker, thing under the avatar work?

After a certain amount of posts your "Hak Fan" will change to "Hak Fan+' and so on with the more posts you make. If you're refering to the special ones (like what Duelus has), those are given by Darren after you've 'earned' them - aka being an uber-n00b/special-ed/annoying as hell and so on.

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Oh, thats easy and simple. Your status is based on the number of posts you have made. The number of posts you have made is stored in the database (I forget exacly where). So, all the server does (effectivly, it is not done in a stright farward manor as this) is go "Does the user have x many or more posts, no, does the user have y number or more posts, yes, display y's status". I could go in to further details, but it's kind of complicated. Complicated to explain that is, the system it's self is very simple.

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Well I will forgo all the obvious jokes here. There is an inside joke going around here. If you look at one of Duellus' posts you will notice that his forum rank is Certified n00b. Now, since we live in the same area, I like to bust his balls when I get the chance. Sooooo, when I get the chance I will reply to one of his messages with.......Shut up n00b.

Welcome to the inside joke.

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