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w00t! There's A Linux user's group in my area!!!!!


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Check this out! I am @ work, and the older ladies I work with asked me what something was in a TEENY TINY article in the bottom left inner corner of the newspaper, and this is what it is:

Linux users, unite

Yes, there is a Linux users group on the Coast! We meet at the Biloxi Books-a-Million in Edgewater Village, every month, third Monday at 7p.m.

Visit smlug.org for more info.

I know where I am going on the 20th of this month!!!


This just blows me away. A linux group in Mississippi? Either my dreams are coming true or hell is getting pretty cold right about now. Either way I am excited to actually meet people who are enthusiasts about linux :D

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*hands Hex some tisues* now that you have had your nerdgazim clean your shit up! =P

That is pretty kick ass, I wish he had such things in my area, I need more excuses to go out other than food, booze and cigga's.

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