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Hak5 House Rover


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Im sitting, and thinking, and writing, and now sharing. I got some ideas for the rover.

The rover is a tank. A web controlled wireless tank with a built in cannon. Now this cannon is gonna have to be the twinkle in the eyes of others when they see it. So here is my ideas involving this cannon. The major major major part of these ideas is having the cannon be able to turn 360 degrees and aim up and down. Gotta be abple to do that or else my ideas are poo poo.

1) Paper wad shooter

Simply shoot paper wads at your target. Have a small cam attached as the aiming. A magazine that holds the wads and boom boom you shooting things wireless lol.

2) Wardrive

I know the rover wont go very fast or may not even go outside but its a idea for someone else who is looking.

3) Mobile Pineapple

This idea simple..extend the attena from a pineapple to the inside of the cannon. Hide the works in the tank and boom you got a Pineapple Tank Rover PTR (PTR reminds me of my fav RPGMMO game hehe)

4) Lasser Cannon

Yup, attach a laser pointer in the cannon of the tank. And set a simple contraption to where the button gets pushed or somthing else completly. Drive around and just shoot that laser off. As a warning for people inside the Hak House..maybe have the cannon go up at a max degree so it wont get eye level.

5) Eyecannon

Extend a 2nd webcam to the cannon and still have the main cam on the cannon. so there will be two cams at different spots. Get the picture?

6) BlueCannon

That guy in black or someone I heard of made a snipa riffle into a blue tooth snipa riffle where they haked blue tooth. Maybe do the same for the cannon. But this would involve it going outside.

Those are my ideas. If I had 60 bucks to get that main part that makes it controllable on the web I do this. But I am a cheap ass tard.

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I have some major plans for a larger version of the hak5 rover. Construction will begin in 2 weeks, after my finals are over. Suffice to say it will be truly a thing to behold. I'll post pictures as the build progresses.

i look forward to seeing tghis

i suck at hardware mods, but i LOVE the idea of a mobile pinapple rover. if only EVDO cards didnt have a 5 GB limit you could put a combination of an EVDO card router and pinapple hardware inside of this tank and be unstoppable

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I think after watching hakhouse cam the rover should become a battery powered hoover so, the hakhouse can be cleaned by the viewers who are driving it over the net , you might have to stick a launcher on or something incase of an emergency ie the cat decides to take on the tank but a track powered hoover is whats called for.

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I been surfing the web looking at Wifi controlled robots and I noticed most are setup for indoor use. So what about setiing up a outdoor field. Weather proof your rover and slap on a solar enery cell to charge the battery.

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