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i recently added 2000 points to my 100 wii points. with those points i purchased 3 games and spent all 2100 points. heres my reviews post play.

Sandy Beach:

this game is essentially a 3d modeling program heavily simplified. you build castles(or w/e you can make with the toold) out of sand. it has 3 modes. free play (new castle) which lets you build your own castle without restrictions. you can place base blocks which are just square blocks of sand. then you can use a shovel to shape those into intricate pieces of a palace. free play (blue prints) in which you build a castle while following a model given. if you build the entire castle your rewarded and given the next blueprint. rewards vary from items for your chest to new buckets that can lay more base blocks per fill.

and finally the main attraction. crab battle. you start with a small tower. your given 2 minutes to build a fortress around it. placing walls and cannons. after that 2 minutes a wave of sand crabs assaults your creation attempting to reach the tower. defend it by tapping the crabs and letting cannons kill them. if they reach the tower and drain all its health you lose. if you survive the wave you can search the sand for a free cannon with a metal detector. and your given 2 minutes to make repairs and expand before the next wave. there are 10 waves of crabs each getting more difficult. your awarded nothing for winning all 10. its just for fun.

2/5 for being fun, creative, and relaxing. but being very limited and with little reward. and occasionally you do build something that actually slows down the wii momentarily(i said it was a 3d modeling program after all)

bonsai barber:

in this game your a barber in a town full of plants people. your job? cut their brush. you can use scissors for precise cutting or you can use clippers to remove leaves and trim twigs. a comb to comb branches, a paintbrush to dye their "hair", and a gong to ring when finished. theres no time limit. only designs that get more and more difficult.

but theres a catch. your customers dont come all at once. youll get 5 or so your first day. then they come at random the following days and i mean literal 24 hour periods in reality. you can just mess with the wii internal clock for extended play. or you can use the practicing plant you get for completing your first day. do as you wish.

3/5 for being different and entertaining with interesting characters. but it lacks the constant playability that a lot of hardcore gamers love.

and i saved best for last

Bit.Trip Beat:

this game is a retro rhythm based game. i cant explain it easily as its out of the norm. so heres a video

you control the paddle by rotating the wii remote. hold it as a classic controller style and rotate it forward and back. ite reminiscent of the old paddle controller for atari 2600 which is appropriate. its fun and addictive as hell with a great soundtrack.

at the end of each level theres a boss. i wont spoil the lvl 2 and 3 bosses because they will bring back memories for a lot of us. but the level 1 boss ill ruin for you. its a very large block consisting of 2 types of bits(square pixels). juggle (come back after being hit) and regular bits. this large block fires a barrage of bits at you until it has nothing left and you win.

its an interesting game that starts out easy but gets insanely hard(if you find that hard to believe then look up a video for the level growth). its addicting though and practice really does make perfect since this game is a rhythm based game. the levels never change and are always constant. so if you try hard enough enough times youll get through.

for those that have or buy bit.trip beat. heres my top scores. lemme know if you beat them. and ill let you know how they have gone up lol.

transition: 0002208631

descent: 0002411413

growth: 0000720453

5/5. this game is definately worth the 600 wii points and more. i cant wait for a sequel.

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