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Change CNN Front Page - Prank -


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I wanna play a little prank on my friend by making it look like he was on the front page of CNN.com or Digg.com Or NYtimes.com (or insert any other big news website). I'v been looking into doing a man in the middle attack through his wireless network but have not found out how i could inject a specific part of a webpage when he is trying to access cnn.com for example. Another idea i had was to make a duplicate of the real webpage then change the front story and some how redirect the cnn.com dns request to return my laptop hosting the fake site. Does any one have tips on how i could go about it or where i should look?


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yea, the easiest thing to do would be to edit the hosts file in windows, which basically tells windows that whenever someone types in cnn.com, instead of looking up what IP that is and going to it, it will go where you tell it. This could be a freewebs account with just copied and pasted html from their front page. Remember to copy all of the images over as well. Be careful with this kind of thing, because a morally challenged person would realize that this is phishing and doing the same steps for, say, a gmail login would be trivial.

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Heck if your friend is not the most in to computers (not an enthusiast), you could do this (I did it to my brother it... got me loling (<-- is that proper use)) use wireshark with promiscuous mode and filter to http and only if his ip is the source or destination then just tell him what he is searching... it may be pretty basic but if they don't know much about packet sniffing etc people can get freaked out! (e.g my brother started googling I hate wireshark and how to stop wireshark (all this after I told him I was using a program called wireshark)... etc) :lol:

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