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Hak5's Pimp Jackets?


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In episode 426 at Shmoocon, these rather cool jackets with the Hak5 logo were unveiled to us all... i know a limited one-run only special was mentioned for them, and im wondering if any of you would know(specifically the hakhouse peeps) if the run of these jackets is still a possibility, and if so, when could we expect them?


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they only have limited quantities right now. (only enough for the cast?) but darren said "sometime in the near future" they were going to open a hak5 store with all kinds of stuff in small quantities to see if they sold well and if they did they'd get more.

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We will be opening a Hak5 swag Store within the next 1-2 weeks (hopefully!). We will have a couple of shirts for sale, stickers, pineapples, and possibly some more stuff if sales go well. The jackets were limited to the cast only, but we've gotten so many comments about getting them for viewers that we may make some similar ones and sell those as well. We'll have an announcment coming soon on one of the eps!

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